Friday, December 11, 2015

Availability of print data in CANSIM


A researcher has come across a print publication

National income and expenditure accounts annual estimates 1926-1986
(cat. no. 13-531, I think) that has data on three 5.25" diskettes. I found a series on Historical Statistics of Canada that covers 1926-1976, but we're not sure if it is the same data as on the diskettes. CANSIM I matrix numbers are given, but the concordance to CANSIM II tables numbers does not include all of them. I am looking for CANSIM I matrices in the range 06627-06700; the concordance only has

06661 - 06669

so I have the corresponding CANSIM table numbers, but even they are not complete. For example, Table 1 in the print version has data from 1926-1986, but the corresponding CANSIM table 3800039 only contains data to 1960.

Any ideas on where to find the rest of the data, should I not find a functioning diskette drive?


In regards to your question regarding the CANSIM tables, we have received the following response from subject matter:
Most of the tables from the 1926-1986 edition of the 13-531 print publication are available on CANSIM through tables 380-0039 to 380-0055 and tables with a 380-05 prefix (eg., 380-0515 corresponds to table 4 of that pub:Relation between gross domestic product (GDP) at market prices, gross national product (GNP) at market prices, net national income at factor cost and gross domestic product at factor cost).
Hopefully this answers your question, and please let me know if you require anything further.