Thursday, December 5, 2013

Developing Math Skills Among Students


One of our researchers has been working with a multi-wave EQAO (Education Quality and Accountablility Office) dataset (100,000 students' responses) to look at students' developing ability in mathematics. The EQAO dataset provides a full-census snapshot for Ontario but the questions used are tied to the Ontario curriculum (this limits interpretation). Thus, he is looking for a dataset that would give him another way to look at how people learn new things. He has gone over Statistics Canada's YITS data codesheet in some detail. This data, however, mostly reflects questionnaire responses and derived data and he needs more detail. For example, does StatCan data include children's responses to each of the Peabody test questions? (the YITS only shows frequencies of the number of correct responses).


There are questions about the Peabody test on the NLSCY. The NLSCY master file includes the raw score and standard score for the PPVT-R. We do not release the results for individual items. Information about the scores can be found in the NLSCY User Guide.