Thursday, October 24, 2013

CIP Codes


We have a researcher who wants a CIP code (Classification of Instructional Programs) that is more granular than the Primary Codes given in CANSIM Table 477-0019.

Specifically, 45.1099 ( for specific Ontario universities – i.e. York, Ryerson and UofT - cross-tabulated by enrollment and also graduation.

Do you know if this is possible to obtain through Statistics Canada or should the researcher contact the universities, directly?


I did a quick run for you based on the 6 digit CIP (45.1099), and there are too many suppression issues making the data pretty useless. We would not sell your client the table for this reason. In fact we really try to discourage using data at the 6 digit CIP for PSIS, and if the client is insistent we advise caution. I did a run at the 4 digit CIP (45.10) and it yields far more consistent results.

If your client is OK with the data at the 4 digit (45.10), we could produce tables for graduate and enrollment, for Ontario, and by institution, for most current year for a cost of $145.36. The turnaround would be about 5 days.