Friday, February 22, 2013

CMA/CA Reference Maps


Why are the overview CA/CMA reference maps on the STC site the only ones available for viewing? When I go in to the "Geography" section of the 2011 Census page <> and select "Reference maps" I'm taken to a page where you can choose to view pdfs of the CT maps for CMAs and CAs (2001, 2006, 2011). Regardless of which year I choose, I'm only presented with the option of viewing the first map, which is an overview. No insets are linked for any of the three years. If, however, I go to the 2006 or the 2001 pages directly (listed in the "Previous censuses" side bar) and follow the links for the reference maps the entire sets are available.

Was the decision made to make only the overview maps available to the public or is this a glitch? I assume it's okay to download these maps using the EFT and host them locally, correct?


You need to click on the insert / carton title.