Monday, January 21, 2013

Digital Boundary Files for Census 1971


A geography student is hoping to access digital boundary files for the 1971 census (specifically, at the Census Tract level for the Montreal and Quebec CMAs).

The only leads we have found so far are at U of T:< 71/cc71geo.htm#spat>, but we don’t have access to those files here.

Is anything available via DLI that we have missed?


The earliest geography files (71, 76, 81) on the FTP site are only x,y coordinates (not coverages); and UofT has created coverages going back to 1971 for a few major (roughly 25) CMAs for these earliest files.

There are also files, orginally tranferred from magnetic tapes at UBC: <http://abacus.library>. Contact UBC for more information and access to those.