Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuition Rates for International Undergraduate Students


I'm assisting a student who is looking for tuition rates for foreign/international undergraduate students in Canada, reaching back further in time than CANSIM table 477-0023 includes. I understand that this data comes from the TLAC survey. However, although the information page on Stats Can's website indicates that this survey has been collected since the 1970's, the FTP site only seems to have the most recent version of it. Where might I find international tuition rates for Canadian postsecondary institutions going back to the 1970's, or at least the 1990's?


If you go to the TLAC data, there are historical tables that go back to the early 1970's. The table is named rather cryptically on the DLI FTP site, but is Table 9E, as shown below, providing Tuition Fees for Foreign Students,1972-2013. However, the earliest date of data for the TLAC that the DLI has is in Tables 1-4 1993-1994.xls You can access it from the website as well as on the FTP site (available in a .zip file).