Friday, January 13, 2012

Scrap Metal Exports


I have a patron who is looking for data on scrap metal and rubber exports by volume and value. In CANSIM, there is Table 228-0003 Merchandise imports and exports, by major groups and principal trading areas for all countries, annual (dollars), but it includes scrap metal with other ores and concentrates (I didn't see anything on scrap rubber).


The Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database ( provides export data by commodity (quantity and value) down to the Harmonized System (HS) 6 level.  Your client can use the tool look up specific HS codes if he/she knows them or use keywords to locate commodities and related data.  I tried a few searches with terms like scrap rubber and came up with some results. (I am not sure if these are the specific commodities that interest your client however so the user may wish to have a look at the commodities available there as well.)

The Canadian Export Classification publication (65-209-XWE, provides a more detailed description of the structure of the HS classification and may be helpful. Chapter 40 is on " Rubber and articles thereofIf"  and rubber products are mentioned in other sections as well.

If your client needs data for more detailed HS codes, the DLI collection includes a file with export data including quantity and value down to the HS8 level. It is available at and on the DLI FTP site. Please note that your client would need a statistical analysis application to work with the file (SPSS for example).

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