Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Precription Statistics


A researcher here is interested in: "the start date of and number of prescriptions given out for inhaled corticosteroid medications for asthma and allergic rhinitis in North America". Of particular interest are the specific medications: Fluticisone (Flovent, Flonase-GSK) and Budesonide (Pulmicort- Asta Zeneca) which came into use around 1990.

There are commercial publications out there, but they are pricey, and don´t give a clear indication that they´ll even have the statistics we´re after. I´ve also looked at CIHI and the US "Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services" and NIH, with no success.

Any assistance with this, on the Canadian or US aspect of this request, would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, Statistics Canada does not collect these data.

We would have data on household expenditures on prescription drugs from the Survey of Household Spending, but not by brand.

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