Friday, February 4, 2011

CANSIM Table 102-0240


"Deaths due to medically treatable diseases, by selected causes of death, selected age groups and sex, Canada, provinces, territories, health regions and peer groups, occasional (age-standardized rate per 100,000 population)
(6012 series)"

This table is exactly what a researcher needs. However, it is "occasional data", i.e. it was only done once in 1997. He needs the data for a forty year span. Any suggestions?

Please and thank you.


The division responsible for CANSIM table 102-0240 has indicated that the information the researcher needs may be available depending on what he needs exactly from that table.

They have recommended the following cause of death products which are freely available:

"Cause of Death by age group, sex, Canada

Leading causes of death by ten leading causes of death in Canada for selected age groups by sex; ten leading causes of infant death; and ten leading causes of death for provinces and territories by sex.

Mortality, Summary list of causes by showing the number of deaths by age, sex and grouped underlying cause for Canada, the provinces and territories. Also included are age-specific and age-standardized mortality rates by grouped underlying cause of death."

If these free products aren't suitable, they could look into what data is possible as a custom tabulation. To look into this, they would need a bit more information about the specific information the researcher needs (geography, years, variables: age, sex, etc. ) to determine if it is possible to release the information. The minimum cost for a custom tabulation would be $350 (please note that this is a minimum and not an official cost estimate).

I hope that this is helpful. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need additional information.

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