Thursday, November 18, 2010

Staged Versus Unstaged


I wonder if someone can help me with some terminology. I have a student who is interested in analyzing Canadian Health Measures Survey data at an RDC. I asked one of our regional RDC analysts when this data would be available. He said that the unstaged wave 4 data will be available sometime in November, with a staged version released to the RDCs a week or two after that.

Can anyone please explain staged vs. unstaged?

Also, I am not getting a clear answer about the availability of this data. Are Waves 1 and 2 already available to the RDCs if they have an approved researcher waiting for that data? Or are all four waves being made available to the RDCs at the same time?


We consulted our RDC colleagues about your questions they described "staging" as follows:

"Staging involves preparing the SAS, SPSS and STATA files as well as the metadata to adhere to certain standards. We reduce the workload of the RDC Analysts by minimizing the multiple reproductions of data files and associated applications at each RDC. We also improve data quality by minimizing the number of reproductions of data files and associated applications; and by verifying the data files produced by the Survey Focal Point (SFP,. A.k.a. the Subject Matter areas responsible for each survey) before data are released for use at the RDCs."

The DLI unit tends to use "author division" or "subject matter division" when referring to the "Survey Focal Point".

Our RDC colleagues also confirmed that:

"CHMS Cycle 1 Wave 1 and Cycle 1 Wave 2 are available in the RDCs. CHMS Cycle 1 Wave 3 is currently being staged."

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