Thursday, April 8, 2010

Women 50+ Having Babies


I can't find statistics on numbers of Canadian women who have babies over the age of 50 years. (I'm not surprised by this, maybe I should be?) The student has actually asked for statistics on postmenopausal women which have sought out IVF assistance.

CANSIM provides data for women up to age 49.


I am sharing an off-list suggestion with the rest of the dlilist as it may be of interest to others:

"The UN Statistics Division demographic yearbook historical supplement published in December of 1999, includes a table of live births to women over 50, for Canada, annually 1948-1995. My guess (...) is that later issues of the DY will include later years:"

I would also be happy to ask the division that publishes our vital statistics birth data firm if birth data for women over 49 is available as a custom product if you think that this could be of interest to your student. As you mentioned, these data don't seem to be available in our published products.

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